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Re: OT: Photoshop CS4 upgrade overpriced

Hey Greg,

If you can get just the Photoshop CS4 upgrade for the price mentioned by Richard, then yes, you should go for it. The $600 you quote sounds like an upgrade for the entire suite of products. Adobe must figure if you're using that full batch of applications that you're making money with all of them. That isn't always the case of course.

CS4 is another of those upgrades that hook you like crack; it's really hard to go back to CS3 (I'm speaking just Photoshop here) after getting a taste of the "4". I'd also add that, with CS4, Adobe has finally moved to define Photoshop as the domain for serious image editors and not the stuff for casual users. The transition to CS4 forces us to make some pretty major changes to the way we make selections and masks and modify them. Don't get me wrong; the changes are almost all for the good. It's just that the learning curve has been steepened somewhat for those who haven't had a good workflow to begin with. Make sense?

To throw a bit of a wrench into your decision process, the Extended version of Photoshop offers some neat capabilities that are missing from the Standard version of CS4. I don't think Adobe has an upgrade path from Standard to Extended so you best decide before purchasing. If memory serves, you can upgrade an older Standard version of CS2 or CS3 to the Extended version of CS4 at a fair price. Just don't expect to upgrade CS4 Standard to CS4 Extended for any price approaching reasonable. ;^)

Hope this helps!



On Mar 8, 2009, at 8:30 AM, Greg Schmitz wrote:

I have Adobe Photoshop CS3 Creative Design Premium and can't decide if I should upgrade to CS4. It seems to me that Adobe's asking price of $600 for an upgrade is "over the top." Will I get $600 worth of improvement if I upgrade to CS4? I'd be interested in hearing from those of you that have upgraded to CS4 if you think the upgrade was worth the money. $600 is 2-weeks of work for me and I am loath to give it to some Silicon Valley wonk so that he/she can continue to drive their Porsche or BMW whenever they want to.