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Re: mystery paper

YES you do!! All too often someone else gets credit on this list for their hours of help.

Besides, when I thought of printmaking/if it was a printmaking paper, your name came first to mind as a resource of printmaking knowledge, does that help? :)

I will save this for when I can EVER get back to solarplate, although by Henk's opinion he says it is good for certain gum processes, but not tricolor.

I am not in the market for paper at the moment either, because when I cleaned out my dimkroom I found I had 100 sheets of Fabriano EWHP so that should last me for a while! I should organize more often.

But I did go hog wild with my 20% discount at Daniel Smith and ordered more watercolors. The amount of sales going on in this economy is the only benefit I can see to our financial times....OH, and I got a gallon of their gum as well, that, with the sale price, is $49. Should have bought 2--that won't last me the 18 years it lasted Paul Anderson.

Awww -- Don't I get 1/4 credit for asking what was *in* the circle of your mystery paper? ;-)

Hahnemuhle Copperplate is made of alpha cellulose with no sizing (I'm told) and one of my favorite papers to print polymer photogravure. It's relatively affordable (though you can't get much more affordable than free!). Dan Welden sold me my first ream of the stuff several years ago and I've been hooked ever since. It's available in warm white and bright white and requires little soaking compared to sized papers.

If you like printing on it, they make a thinner version, Hahnemuhle Ingres, that is even better looking, IMO, optimally sharp to print intaglio, and provides very smooth tone as well. I "soak" it by spraying it and letting it soak in for 5-10 minutes before blotting lightly and printing. It's available from Kozo Fine Art Materials in Denver, who recommended it to me. http://www.kozofineartmaterials.com/