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Re: show opening,plexiglas, and Daniel Smith

Thanks to all about this, below. Will buy.

Now to the next horror story--those Avery see thru labels? They are peeling off the wall and falling on the floor. Have to fix both of these issues now. Oh my.

Christina Z. Anderson
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Hi Chris,

When I used to work at a museum in the 90s we used a product called Brillianize for cleaning plexiglass. I just googled it and found it is still around:



Keith Schreiber

On Mar 7, 2009, at 5:02 PM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

When I got there that evening, the plexiglas on the frames probably due to the atmosphere at Zoot with all that computer/electronic stuff, had swooped up all the dust, dog hair, lint from the air. Especially at the top of this glorious glass staircase, the works were covered (Zoot allows dogs to accompany their owners, a very neat feature there). Luckily one of my students pointed it out and then went around and wiped down the crud so perhaps it was minimized by the time the crowd arrived (she had come early). But it was the oddest thing I have seen at a show opening! So watch those computer electrons...I am going to have to search for an antistatic plexi spray somewhere I guess for the future.