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Re: mystery paper

Hi Judy&Chris,
Just to clear one misunderstanding:
I use different Hahnemuehle papers for gum (also tri-color) and for oilprinting.
What i mentioned to Chris about a paper ok for mono but not for tri-color gum was the 300 grs  Magnani Litho paper.
... e-mail to Chris :

........Anyway, i made some surprising experiences: the Magnani Incisione (or Magnani Litho) is ok for monochrome gum, but tri-color is a disaster; the 350 grs Fabriano nr 5 is excellent for oil-printing but you have to coat three times with a 10% gelatine , the 'yellowish' hahnemuehle is perfect for gumprints with a blue-green-dark color, the Arches 88 is a disaster when put in water, the torchon Schoellershammer is theoretically to rough for skin-texture in gum, but it comes out as a real positive surprise ........

I think Chris is overloaded with all sorts of mail, work, teaching, gum printing etc , or ? :-)

On 10 mrt 2009, at 3:38, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

You are right, any paper will do fine for gum...in fact, I had a student do tricolor on flimsy vellum because I told him it wasn't good for gum.  He proved me wrong :)

Henk told me it wasn't too good for tricolor but good for some layers, but mainly since I do solarplate I thought I would save it for that instead of gum since it seems designed for intaglio. In reading the description of the paper, it seems soft to me.

Also, I used to use Rives BFK for gum which I liked well enough, but still prefer Fabriano AEWHP to that, so if it ain't broke I guess I'm not gonna fix it.

Christina Z. Anderson
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On Sun, 8 Mar 2009, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

Yup, Jim and Henk solved it--it is Hahnemuehle!  Thanks.  I will not be using it for gum, then :)

I'm curious Chris, why you say you won't be using Hahnemuhl for gum... I've tried most of the Hahnemuhl papers and found most (or at least many) of them good for gum (tho I haven't bought any lately because somehow I over-diversified & have many others ready & waiting).

My favorite was Merten Spiese, but I think the Copper whatever was good too... I wasn't doing orthodox color sep, but the fake "real" color approach, which shouldn't be that different, assuming you're using the same colors.

I shrink & gelatin size most paper for gum, but doesn't everybody? (In fact I always figured if you shrink and size nicely & harden you can do gum on just about anything, like shirt cardboard or the back of your hand.)

In any event, do please elucidate...

TIA, & cheers,