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Re: can't get green tone in gum--help please

Charles, if the tablecloth isn't green, what color is it?

On Mar 10, 2009, at 9:47 AM, Charles Ryberg wrote:

Folks, I've made one nice tri-color gum (many months ago)
and thrown away scores. The image I'm trying to print is a café
scene with green only in the tablecloth. The rest of the image is
warm--mostly pale cream yellows and red brick. There is a woman in
a blue dress walking away from the camera. I like the image. My
first coat is Daniel Smith French Ultramarine. The second is
Daniel Smith Hansa Yellow Medium. I have not yet done the
Magenta. The overall cast of the image is clearly cyan though
there is yellow too. But no green. When it dries, I'll do the
magenta, but I just can't see the image working without that small
green cloth. Any advice?