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Re: OT: Photoshop CS4 upgrade overpriced


I am in total agreement with you...

For the most part, upgrades are an expensive subscription. Most people could easily skip 3-4 cycles and not have it affect their work in the slightest...

Digi-cameras are much the same way with their mo'-better-best-megapix-ridiculousness.

Enough said...


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I'm still using CS, and find I can do everything I want, espcially since
the look and feel I'm after and "alterations" I'm looking for are with my
printing process, not in the computer. More power to those who find the
updates of use, but I wonder sometimes if upgrading Photoshop is like
comparing pixel counts or computer speed--it doesn't make us better artist.

Not considering the cost, I'm also suspect since the updates seem to come
much more frequently, more than I think is really necessary.


Ryuji Suzuki
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