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Re: OT: Photoshop CS4 upgrade overpriced

I had the academic CS 2--Photoshop only not the whole suite--it upgraded to CS4 (again, only Photoshop) without problem. CS4 boots MUCH faster than 2 and operations complete faster too. It has a very different look and feel to it, but the majority of these new looks do the same things the old versions do. There is a new "Exposure" adjustment that works well but a practiced worker could have gotten the same results (though with many more steps) under the old version.
There is also--I have not yet tried it--a way to cut or add several pixel wide strips from an image, thereby changing the aspect ratio. This can, apparently, sometimes be used to remove a person or object from an image.
The main improvement, as has been mentioned is the increased ability to use 16-bit images.
If you are happy with what you have, don't bother to upgrade from CS3 but probably you should upgrade from CS2 since I understand their policy is to upgrade two steps only. (Actually, I'm not sure of that.)
Charles Portland OR