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Actually, I'm seeing that disclaimer on many of his gum over works at the museum site.


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Hmm, maybe you haven't caught up with the rest of the discussion; the print in the Chicago show was from the Met's collection, the middle print on the page I posted, the one that looks just brown in the jpeg. I doubt the jpeg (from the Met's site) does it justice, but it's interesting how little the present reproduction matches past descriptions of the print.
Something interesting to note is the highlighted banner at the top of the Met's page for this print: "This information may change as the result of ongoing research." When I first saw it, I assumed it was just a standard banner they have on all their images, but I don't see it on other pages, so maybe this particular print is undergoing particular scrutiny just now. It seems unlikely that the brown tone is just really poor scanning techniques on their part, so what I fear is that the pigments he used to stain the print were not permanent and have faded over time.

I was going to post the URL for the page, but it's three lines long and I don't know how to do the tiny URL thing. Anyway, you can get it by googling Metropolitan Museum Steichen pond moonrise, or some similar combination of words, if you want to see it as it is on their site.

I know, here's another Job for Judy! She thinks she has other things to do, but we need her to run a few errands. Up to Greenberg to assess the coloration in Cigar Man and see what else she can scope out there with her artist's eye, and then over to the Met to have a gander at their moonrise print and see if it really has turned brown.

Well, speaking of having other things to do, I have the color separations for a whole series to print out, and a stack of things to frame, so I'd better get started on it. It's been fun....