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Our list members Kerik Kouklis, Clay Harmon and others I don't recall
right now, done / are doing beautiful gum over Pt/Pd prints:
* Kerik Kouklis: http://www.kerik.com/gumover.htm
* Clay Harmon: http://clayharmon.net/

Also there are many other people doing gum over cyanotype. First names
that come into my mind:
* Sam Wang: (Search Google, you'll find samples...)
* Christina Anderson: http://christinazanderson.com/ (Gum over pt/pd and
cyanotype here and there - especially in the Katrina portfolio. +
Virtually all tricolor prints.)
* Jim Larimer: http://larimerphoto.blogspot.com/
* ... and so on

I personally like very much mixed process prints. I have recently done few
gum over cyanotypes (not tricolor), they're so beautiful and considerably
rich compared to plain cyanotypes. Definitely try it -> you'll be haunted!


20 Mart 2009, Cuma, 3:35 am tarihinde, Robert W. Schramm yazmış:
> ...
> Once that platinum layer is established it is inherently very stable.
> As I recall Steichen often put gum over platinum. Some of his best
> images (in my opinion) were made that way.