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Re: Robert Demachy and Henri Cartier Bresson

The output of your friend Yasu is very impressive. I would like to be able to read the text but my Japanese is in the embryonic stage, at present.
To me and a few million others the most valuable aspect of Art, on a ''global'' basis, is its value as a therapy to the artist who is actually making the art and sending the message, ''Here I am. Please look at me.''
And Alberto,
I feel that the best brushes, and other aplicators of pigment etc., are the cheapest ones which only need to be discarded after use and therefore need not be cleaned unless you develop a long lasting relationship with them such as fingers.
Suggest :-Tongue in cheek = facetiousness.
Hope you are all keeping well during the change of seasons.
John Photographist, London UK

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Pertinent point John - not sure whether its tongue in cheek though.

An artist friend of mine Yasu Suzuka (http://yasusuzuka.com/kari/ - Japanese site only at present) does a lot of pinhole photography [a thirty year global project] but like many artists he also uses other media - sculpture and paint. The first thing he taught me about art was that it is a means of communication. It doesn't matter whether you use digital photography, film, alternative printing, paint, rocks or garbage [his preferred choice] - the medium is irrelevant, the message is what matters.

Of course if you just want stunning pictures why not set up a battery of digital cameras firing every mute or so - one in a million shots will produce a great digital print at the push of a button....

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Hi again Folks,
No more dangerous Amm. Dich. No more temperature control. No more endless tests. No more washing out chemical stained trays. No more nit picking about what is the best paper for this, that and the other. No more wondering whether to bin that rubbish attempt or file it.......maybe some rich sucker will think it was intentional and part with cash...he he he. No more endless discussions about curves etc., etc., etc.,
Does anyone know any other photographers who gave up photographic print making to go back ( or maybe forward ) to drawing and painting to make pictures ?
Happy days.
John Photographist. London. UK.