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Re: Forex?

It definitely doesn't work (with conventional procedures). I tried to
prime it with gelatin and it didn't work too (no surprises here; a
hydrophobic surface won't accept gelatin, of course). I just left gelatin
to cool a little bit (to let it gain viscosity) and then smeared the
contents on the surface with a paper towel to homogenize the mess. It
looks homogeneous now, and maybe will print well -> but that's more
trouble than I want to bear.

Try the beer + sodium silicate primer (mentioned by Henk before) too -> if
it works with aluminum then odds are it will work on ceramic tiles too.

Will have some sodium silicate on hands tomorrow and will quickly try to
prime Forex with it. More later...


27 Mart 2009, Cuma, 11:16 pm tarihinde, Katharine Thayer yazmış:
> Thanks for report, Loris, sorry it didn't work out.  It's funny how
> surfaces can fool you.
> I've been experimenting with those ceramic floor tiles today.  I was
> right in thinking  that they would coat nicely, no problem at all
> with the coating -- even and smooth and no fisheyes.   But the
> hardened gum won't stay on the tile, just floats off into the water.
> My next idea, from a guy at my favorite local art supply house, is to
> try a Golden product called "Fine Pumice Gel,"  to provide more tooth
> for the hardened gum.  I'm thinking of this rather than the gesso-
> pumice blend you guys have already developed, because I want
> something that won't obscure the surface and color of the original
> tile, and this is supposed to dry clear.  I'll let you know how it
> works out.
> I looked at alcan's US site and couldn't find anything that fit the
> same description as the Forex, but if it didn't work for you,  it's a
> moot point anyway.
> Katharine

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