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FWIW, I was able to purchase a 1 liter bottle of Formalin (37%) from my
local pharmacist. As I was visiting there one day getting a prescription
filled I spied the bottle sitting on a back shelf. I asked if they would
sell it to me and they did so without hesitation. The pharmacy attendant
explained that it had been ordered in error and is normally a non stock item
but they could get more if I wished. Less than $15 a few years ago as I

But as you say a very noxious product best used outside in warm weather.

Don Bryant

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Henk, do you have the trouble getting formaldehyde in Europe/Netherlands, 
etc. that we have in the US ?  I suspect it was because it was (allegedly 
anyway) an ingredient in making crack or some other illegal intoxicant, 
but it was ixnayed everywhere in the US except by doctor's prescription 
.... apparently for athlete's foot, or like that.

I myself was delighted to switch to glyoxal for hardening gum size, 
because, even used outdoors it was deadly with a class, & almost as deadly 
indoors by myself at home in winter.  So I got out of the habit... 
However, there are some things it still does best and now that the remains 
of my last bottle have evaporated (probably into the lungs of this 
household and the neighbors), I expect to use my influence to get some 
more. (Tho folks who have some should be sure to check that it's tightly 
sealed, because it's apparently very volatile.

Meanwhile, what I meant to ask in this rambling message is, what 
concentration formaldehyde is that?