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Re: "Miracle Muck" ???

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Sent: Sunday, April 05, 2009 3:40 PM
Subject: "Miracle Muck" ???

While searching for something else in the back of beyond I came across a bottle of a white substance labelled "Raphael's MIRACLE MUCK". I recall that someone on the list (Chris, was that you?) found out about it somewhere (at APIS?) and swore by it for something, so I may not have been
the only one who purchased it from "Artisan/Santa fe, inc. The Art Supply Source of the Southwest."

Mine has been opened and apparently used once, then tucked out of sight, (and mind). The label says:

"Great adhesive for fabric! Non-yellowing. Marvelous for joining frame corners, dries with slight elasticity. Use with fabrics...most PVC products and wood. Best straight from the bottle but may be thinned with small am't water... Heat re-activable ..."

Which could be for anything, and finally,

"2.2 grams/liter V.O.C."

(whatever VOC is).

Clues, info, advice, haikus, whatever., appreciated....


I found rather a lot of information, incuding instruction sheets, by (guess what) doing a Google search:-) The little search window shows that they have had a quarter million other inquiries.
It appears to be an adhesive which is repositionalble by heating.
Instructions are at: http://raphaelstoday.com/Documents/PinkSheets.pdf

One site refers to it as ethylene vinyl acetate, evidently VOC stands for Volitile Organic Coupound, which might refer to this or perhaps some other ingredient. I was unable to find an MSDS with a casual search but one must be available.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA