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Re: Help with print study at Center for Creative Photography

I have seen Wynn Bullocks work printed in books and magazines- even in this low rent medium 
his seeing and tonal genius shines through - I can only imagine the beauty of his original prints...
Sincerely, Richard Vallon Jr.
On Apr 9, 2009, at 10:37 AM, Nelson, Donald W wrote:

I have viewed all of Dick’s work at CCP. I’d highly recommend that you get a look at his earlier work in West Virginia/Kentucky – its outstanding and a good example of what can be done with film (Dick’s moved on to the PDN system with M8 or scanned MF 6x17 negatives).  You won’t be disappointed

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Subject: Help with print study at Center for Creative Photography
Hi all...
I'm finding myself in Tucson this week with a chance to get to the center for a private print study. I'm allowed to view two portfolios. One of my choices is a gelatin silver collection of Wynn Bullock's work. My second choice is up in the air...help me decide. A portfolio of two Irving Penn pt/pd prints mounted on aluminum (Jean Cocteau and a still life) or a portfolio of about 12 pt/pd prints by Dick Arentz.
The other choices (mostly silver) are overwhelming and I could easily spend months here, but I only have an hour or two...
Also, the exhibit at the center right now is a collection of Linda Connor's POP work...can't wait to see that as well...
Thanks in advance for helping me decide...;-)