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Re: Help with print study at Center for Creative Photography

Thanks all for your input...
Turns out that all the print study times were taken, although the curator was graciously going to try to arrange for a student to stay late to help me. Unfortunately, there was a bit of communications breakdown on both ends, and I got to the center with one hour to spare, and I had to make a choice of seeing the Linda Connor exhibit or seeing if they could accomodate me for print study. I chose seeing the Connor show....
It was the right choice. What an amazing collection (maybe over 100 photographs total)...all 8x10 POP prints of amazing detail and clarity, subject, composition...it was very moving.
If you're anywhere near Tucson, you must see this exhibit...
One caveat...in the last gallery, there are "archival pigment" prints from "someone or other's collection", which are enlargements of Connor photos mounted on aluminum, 20x24 and larger, other various sizes...they were nice to see because they were different images than the rest of the show, but they did not come anywhere near the beautiful luminosity seen in the POP prints...I don't know the full story why they were there, but I wouldn't have included them if I had curated the show. I have to look into this just to satisfy my curiosity...
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I've been to the Center For Creative Photography a couple of times.  One time I just sort of got lost and shuffled around the back hallways and peeked into offices and meeting rooms.  At that time the walls were covered with work by Wynn Bullock—it was great!
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I have seen Wynn Bullocks work printed in books and magazines- even in this low rent medium 
his seeing and tonal genius shines through - I can only imagine the beauty of his original prints...
Sincerely, Richard Vallon Jr.