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Re: pt/pd stops

Ohhh Etienne,
As soon as I read my post I knew that would be misconstrued. I am talking about printing a normal negative that would print on a normal grade 2 paper...so sorry I didn't clarify that point better. I just thought it would be obvious but you know what "assume" does...
PS I spent a number of years on the Silver list and remember the back and forth there quite well :)

Yes, the lower the filter numbers (which were originally intended to more or less match the contrast "grades" of graded papers), the longer the exposure scale ("ES"). But why wouldn't one use grade/filter 0 or 1 if s/he had negatives that had a DR comparable to the ES of paper grade/filter 0 or 1? To print my Pt/salt paper/albumen/cyano negatives straight onto SG paper, I would need grade/filter 0000 SG paper. Lacking that, I have to resort to tricks (masking, latent image bleaching (SLIMT), copy negatives, etc.) if I want SG prints from those negs. Granted, most people who make "normal" negs don't generally need grades/filters below 2 or above 4 or 5, unless they are making split-contrast prints. But if you make negs that have a DR that matches the exposure scale of grade/filter 0 or 6 and want full-scale prints, you need grade 0 or 6 printing materials. Ditto, if you want to make prints that have either less than full scale or blocked shadows and/or highlights, from "normal" negatives. If it's what you need, it's good to have.
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