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Re: outdoor gum demo

Oh, come on!!?? My understanding of the discussion was that yellow "ink"
is the most opaque to UV light compared to other colored "ink"s (there
wasn't named a single inkset which doesn't exhibit this - BTW, black is
another case and I won't get there...), but it is not necessarily more
opaque than combination "colors" (mostly; Mark told about R1800 where
yellow "ink" is the most opaque including combination "color"s in the
comparison...) for whatever reason (probably because there's more ink on a
given area then when printing with a single ink). And all above was given
in the context of many different inksets!

Most importantly, being highly sensitive to sunlight, I happen to burn
more under say red, blue, white beach umbrellas compared to yellow ones ->
empirical evidence to me, bringing us to my original suggestion of a
yellow tent...

16 Nisan 2009, Perşembe, 2:09 am tarihinde, Katharine Thayer yazmış:
> ...
> Forget the yellow tent.  Haven't we just finished a discussion where
> we agreed (I certainly thought so) that the idea that the visible
> color of a thing is related to the UV-blocking capability is, well,
> to quote someone else's phrase,  "a nonsense" ? That goes for the
> pigments used to dye material for a tent  as well as for the inks in
> an inkjet printer.  A tent might be useful if you don't have shade
> where you're going to be, but I wouldn't worry much about the color
> of it.
> ...