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RE: Double Exposure book

It is a nicely produced book, but the guys running the show didn't know what
the heck they were doing and it became a huge Cluster-F***. It took for-EVER
to get my original prints back. The whole experience left such a bad taste
in my mouth that I've probably only ever opened my copy twice. I don't think
very many copies were ever sold and I don't think there was ever a second
Volume. Not fun.


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> Dear List,
> I came across this title on Amazon and notice that a couple 
> of the list members have written for it:  Double Exposure The 
> Showcase for Contemporary Alternative Process Photography 
> Volume 1. From Photo Session to Photo Renaissance.
> Kerik et al,  can you tell us more about it and (loaded 
> question) if it is worth the $150 price?  Have all 400 copies 
> sold out and thus it is rare, or is there another option?
> Chris
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