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Re: Double Exposure book

Bummer, Kerik....but at least it was a line on the ol' resume...I guess I'll pass on the $150 price tag.

I remember hearing William Crawford's horror story about publishing Keepers of Light at one APIS a time or two ago...

Christina Z. Anderson
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It is a nicely produced book, but the guys running the show didn't know what
the heck they were doing and it became a huge Cluster-F***. It took for-EVER
to get my original prints back. The whole experience left such a bad taste
in my mouth that I've probably only ever opened my copy twice. I don't think
very many copies were ever sold and I don't think there was ever a second
Volume. Not fun.


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Dear List,
I came across this title on Amazon and notice that a couple
of the list members have written for it:  Double Exposure The
Showcase for Contemporary Alternative Process Photography
Volume 1. From Photo Session to Photo Renaissance.

Kerik et al,  can you tell us more about it and (loaded
question) if it is worth the $150 price?  Have all 400 copies
sold out and thus it is rare, or is there another option?

Christina Z. Anderson