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Re: super high gloss inkjet paper?

Carmen, you don't say whether you want the super high gloss for something about the way it will print, or for the look of the finished print...???

I raise the point because there are emulsions you can coat yourself made by (among others, I suppose) Golden Artist Colors... I didn't pay special attention since that's one process this junky can pass on (for now, anyway) but some time early this year their house organ "Just Paint" covered a variety of coatings or "skins" they market for digital printing.

The "Just Paint" Issue #18 did "Digital Grounds and Gel Topcoats," and #20 adds various results, all illustrated.

That's Golden Artist Colors at 1/800-959-6543. And

There are as well many high gloss finishing sprays on the market so you could (with I suppose some practice) apply the gloss yourself. A high gloss acrylic varnish in a couple of thinned coats might be a good place to start. Thinning (with water) makes the coat easier to apply evenly so (theoretically, at least) you could get the look you want on a paper that prints well, then add the gloss.