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RE: Gum over Cyanotypes

29 Nisan 2009, Çarşamba, 5:39 am tarihinde, Don Bryant yazmış:
> Contributors to earlier threads on the subject of neutralising the buffer
> have discussed various acid alternatives.   Ryuji Suzuki has suggested it
> is
> better to use a chelating agent.  It appears that any acid will attack
> paper
> fibres - here is an interesting explanation from a commercial site:
> http://www.conservationresources.com/Main/S%20CATALOG/Acid%20Deterioration.h
> tm
> But to what degree and how will it affect 100% cotton fiber paper. The
> link you listed mentions alpha cellulose fiber. Isn't that different than
> 100% cotton rag?

Alpha cellulose is high grade wood pulp free of acids and lignin, and
should be equivalent to cotton fibre paper in terms of strength and
longevity... (At least that's the imposed perception in the market!)
Cotton rag and cotton fiber are synonyms practically, since I don't think
that any large paper manufacturer produce pulp from rags anymore...

If I'm not mistaking there are much stronger papers (= longer fibers) than
cotton fibre papers in the market such as those exotic Japanese papers...