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Re: Epson R2400 inks density

Hi Henry, just for the records: I use the same colorized negative for both
gum dichromate and trad. cyanotype processes with great success. Nothing
to draw a conclusion from -> just wanted to mention...

Black versus colored preference would change according to
printer/inkset/process I think. I'm always after best possible quality and
whatever method/strategy which is suitable to achieve that purpose is fine
to me.


30 Nisan 2009, Perşembe, 2:32 pm tarihinde, Henry Rattle yazmış:
> ...
> One interesting point is the not-unexpected curve for black ink - probably
> means that a black-only negative will be usable for a wide range of
> printing
> methods, while a colorised negative needs to be matched to the alt process
> it will be used for.
> Are there any strong opinions out there about black versus colorised
> negatives? (I'll be surprised if there aren't....)