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RE: Alt Show at John Cleary Gallery in Houston

I agree, they are spectacular (or look spectacular on my monitor) -- wish I could have seen them in the leaf itself, but that didn't work out. However, in one detail I disagree with Gregory... Just judging from how they looked by monitor (obviously), I found the two images with an area of plain background (that is, the Empire State and Flatiron buildings appearing to be on paper white rather than gold leaf overall) the most intriguing, tho again that's not the ding an sich !

Whichever, congratulations to Dan... and WOW !


On Sat, 2 May 2009, Gregory Popovitch wrote:

I saw a few images at:


These are just spectacular. I do prefer those with uniform gold tomes but
that's just me. Thanks for the notice.


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Hello All,

Tomorrow (Sat. May 2nd) the John Cleary Gallery will open a show of my
platinum/palladium over gold leaf prints. It'd be great to visit with
any alt photo list folks there at the opening from 6-8pm tomorrow.
I'll be teaching a workshop at H.C.P. on Sunday but that workshop is
full and there won't be time to chat so the opening will be the only
time to socialize before I flee back to the Catskills. ;^)

Hope to see some friends there!


More contact info here:

John Cleary Gallery
2635 Colquitt
Houston, TX 77098
tel: 713-524-5070