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RE: Alt Show at John Cleary Gallery in Houston

I saw a few images at: 


These are just spectacular. I do prefer those with uniform gold tomes but
that's just me. Thanks for the notice.


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Hello All,

Tomorrow (Sat. May 2nd) the John Cleary Gallery will open a show of my  
platinum/palladium over gold leaf prints. It'd be great to visit with  
any alt photo list folks there at the opening from 6-8pm tomorrow.  
I'll be teaching a workshop at H.C.P. on Sunday but that workshop is  
full and there won't be time to chat so the opening will be the only  
time to socialize before I flee back to the Catskills. ;^)

Hope to see some friends there!


More contact info here:

John Cleary Gallery
2635 Colquitt
Houston, TX 77098
tel: 713-524-5070