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RE: Michal Macku, Gellages.

He uses UV curing transparent glue. (Which has the same refractive index
as glass - or very close to it.)


6 Mayıs 2009, Çarşamba, 9:19 am tarihinde, Jacek Gonsalves yazmış:
> Hi Loris,
> Thanks for the explanation. Though would you have any idea how he gets
> each layer of glass ontop of each other?
> Cheers
> Jacek
> Quoting Loris Medici <mail@loris.medici.name>:
>> As the person responsible of bringing his work to Istanbul (along with
>> Sandy's, Keith's and Galina'a wonderful works), they're not carbon
>> prints
>> on glass, they're gellages on glass. IIRC, gellages are made by lifting
>> the gelatine/image from the transparent plastic base of a particular
>> Agfa
>> film (wasn't named by the artist but said that they aren't manufactured
>> anymore) using proprietary procedures and putting those on the substrate
>> they're going to be exhibited. Much like a polaroid emulsion lift.
>> Stunning, beautiful work indeed...
>> Regards,
>> Loris.