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Re: to APIS or not to APIS

In a message dated 5/7/2009 6:51:15 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time, frangst@gmail.com writes:
I never have attended an APIS conference. Imagine a situation where you are sitting down with a fervent alternative processes practitioner and wanted to for APIS. What would you tell them?

By the way you wrote "convince them to go to Santa Fe in late July" tends to make me think you're expecting very hot weather.  Several factors mitigate that.  First, Santa Fe is high desert means low humidity.  Second, Santa Fe proper is at 7000' meaning the altitude helps keep things cool.  Third, as I said, it's a desert and deserts get cold at night.
As far as coming to APIS, it is generally a great conference. You will be sitting with fervent historic process practitioners who are as interested in your work as you are in theirs.  There are people who are rock grounded in chemistry and science, including at least two PhD chemist to those who have a more ethereal approach (for albumin, you must first catch the free range chicken egg before it hits the ground and scrambles the aura).
I have been to APIS since 2001 and have made many friends, had many marvelous discussions one fantastic meals and truthfully liked the area so much my wife and I moved here in 2007.
Hope this helps.  If you need any more info feel free to write.