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RE: Truth Beauty book

To all interested in this book,

This maybe just pure speculation but this title was featured on Mike
Johnson's blog, The Online Photographer, Feb. 9th, 2009, by guest
contributor Geoff Wittig.


Mike regularly features or highlights brief reviews of niche fine art
photography books and this seems to occasionally cause a run on some of the
titles, creating temporary shortages on websites such as Amazon.com. Amazon
seems to base prices of some merchandise on the recent demand and supply of
an item causing huge spikes in the selling price compared to the normal list
price. If you are a frequent reader of the Online Photographer blog you may
have read some of Mike's comments about this consequence in the past.

Carl Weese, once a frequent poster to the Alternative Photo Process List,
occasionally contributes there as well as other notable and un-notable names
of photography. A great blog to place on your favorites list.

Don Bryant

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On Fri, 8 May 2009, Jeremy Moore wrote:

> Ursus Books in NY has a copy for $60.

Thanks to Jeremy Moore, I have the book in hand... that is, I travelled to 
the upper east side on Jeremy's tip and Ursus (which I'd never heard of) 
actually had a copy (confirmed first by phone) & might conceivably have 
another. I bought it without opening (after all, going above 14th Street 
is greater trauma than any price), but when I did look, just the first two 
beautiful pages confirmed the effort... Now I shall turn every page, then 
forward to Barbados.