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Re: tips for using dry pigment

Hi Fritz,
Some years ago i bought some pigments in a store in AACHEN and the
man in the store was also giving workshops aquarel painting and he
told me to add just a few drops of spiritus before mixing the dry
pigments, and that is really a great help for me before adding the
gum (some pigments are really difficult in mixing with gum, adding
some drops of 96 percent ethyl-alcohol -my spititus- does the job
for me).

On 10 mei 2009, at 2:14, phritz-phantom@web.de wrote:

i mostly use dry pigment for all my alternative processes. i
started using it, because of a misconception that most alternative
photo printers prefer it. later i learned that it just the opposite
is the case. but actually i want to keep using it. it's way cheaper
(i can buy 80gr of lamp black - which lasts a long time - for the
price of on 15ml tube) and i already bought about ten jars. so far
i haven't had any problems with printing gum (i put a little bit in
a jar, mix it with gum and dichromate with a brush - no problems,
no specks at all). but sometimes with carbon i get these specks
(i'm not really sure if it's the pigment or the sugar in the mix (i
use a rather high sugar content). i filter the carbon solution
through a piece of nylon (? - the stuff women's stockings are made
of), but still - mostly with the last tissue of the batch; of
course the specks go down to the bottom.
my normal procedure is to first mix the pigment with a brush and a
dash of water, then grind it with a brick and mortar, then put it
into the gelatine + sugar solution. i tried grinding the pigment in
a little bit of gelatine solution, but using water was better.
i once put a little big of alcohol (it's an old bottle labeled
"brennspiritus" ("ethanol") i inherited from my grandfather, but i
don't really know which kind of alcohol it really is, it's ages
old) into the pigment mix and this had the good effect that the
pigment sinks to the bottom, instead of swimming on top of the
water. it makes the mixing a lot easier.
what else could i add that would make the mixing and grinding
easier. i haven't added any alcohol or whatever to my pigment mixes
for alt. processes so far, because i'm afraid it could interfere
with the process.

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