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Re: regarding platinum toner for argyrotypes and others

Paul, as a rule of thumb, any toner that works for Kallitype/Vandyke (or
any other process that makes a colloidal silver image in paper) and POP
paper (with some reservations) should work well enough with Argyrotype
too. Just see the relevant articles and try/use the formulae you find in


11 Mayıs 2009, Pazartesi, 8:59 pm tarihinde, Paul Viapiano yazmış:
> Hi all...
> Christopher James' book notes a platinum toner for POP prints using citric
> acid and platinum solution (10g citric acid, 7-15 drops platinum solution
> in
> 1,000ml water). Could this same toner be used for argyrotypes?
> I know that Loris has talked about palladium toners et al, but I was
> wondering if the above formula would work as well...and while I'm
> here...does anyone have a recipe for a palladium toner that would work for
> argyrotypes?
> Thanks! Have a great Monday wherever you are...
> Paul