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RE: Michallet paper

Naturally common practice in any art school (in Europe anyway) - how else would you learn anatomy & life drawing...

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That was my experience at the University of Illinois many years ago when I took a life drawing class—male and female models all posed without any clothing.  No one thought anything of it.

Mark Nelson

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When I was in art school in the 60s (by god) at Syracuse (a Methodist
institution originally) we had some great models who were none to
successful NYC dancers. They would come upstate for a week or so at a
time and stay with friends near campus to make a little money and then
slide back South to the city. The guys all posed in one sort of strap
or another. When I came to Indiana University I was amazed to find
that here amid the political power of the Farm Lobby and Earl Butts
and the still active remnants of the Klan that the models all posed in
the natural. The department was one of the only ones then that was so
dedicated to the figure and figurative imagery in general.