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Re: Alt print on Glass?

Hi Jacek

I know someone who printed on glass with liquid light. He didn't get a lot of density but he did get interesting results. The washing was difficult part; it was very easy just to wash the entire image away! Once it was dry, it was fine if somewhat fragile. I thought he was nuts to even try it but it worked!
I seem to recall him heating up the glass with a hair dryer before pouring on the liquid light. I don't recall exactly why?


On 18-May-09, at 10:06 AM, Jacek Gonsalves wrote:

Hi all,

Has anyone had success on printing on glass? I'm going to try and brush a gelatin coat on and see how that goes. Hopefully the gelatin will stick, though perhaps I need to sand the glass slightly to give it some tooth?
From there I'm going to try a cyanotype print. Should be intresting!

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