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Chromoskedasic Painting

This morning I was looking through an old copy of View Camera magazine (5th
anniversary issue, Sept/Oct 1992) and noticed an article titled,
"Chromoskedasic Painting" by Alan W. Bean.

I really have no interest in the "process", but thought I would mention the
article for those that are. 

Alan also mentions a related article published in Scientific American around
the same time written by Dominic Man-Kit Lam and Bryant W. Rossiter.

A reprint of the article can be found here:


though it's not instructive as a "How To". It's brief description of the
photo chemical effects.

An illustrated PDF of the Scientific American article can be found here
(along with a companion article published in the Amateur Scientist column of


Rossiter's name sounded vaguely familiar to me so I Googled and found this


The chemicals mentioned in Bean's article probably aren't available any
longer but I believe Freestyle has similar chemicals available.

Without droning on and on I would suggest to anyone interested to Google

"Painting in Color without Pigments". Include the quotes. 

This will lead you to other pages with more information, not the least of
which is Jon Lybrook's old website:


Don Bryant