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Re: Casein

Thanks argon/gronk,

I know about Shiva products (from web searches I did some time ago), but,
unfortunately they're out of my reach -> I'm located in Istanbul/Turkey,
and I have 2kg's of casein.

I also suspect about acrylic paint but OTOH I know that at least one of
our list members was using this type of paint with casein dichromate
process. May/will try powder pigments later. (Actually, I should do that

Could be heat drying too - but that wasn't to the point of baking the
emulsion, I just did it as I do for gum prints... (But thinking again, gum
is polysaccharide whereas casein is protein and AFAIK proteins coagulate
somewhere near to 50C...)


22 Mayıs 2009, Cuma, 11:37 pm tarihinde, Argon3@aol.com yazmış:
> The trouyble may well be the acrylic...when acrylic dries it's insoluable
> in water or just about anything else.
> I would suggest that you look into the Shiva Casein mediums and colors
> that
> are now made by the Jack Richeson Company and easily available through
> Dick
> Blick and others.   I paint in caseins every now and then and they seem to
> be an "antique process" even for painters.
> The only other thing that i might suggest is using watercolor instead of
> acrylic or just good old plain pigment.
> Best wishes with this...I remember reading about this process some time
> ago
> in the days of my photographic youth.
> http://www.richesonart.com/products/media/shiva_casein/index.html
> gronk
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