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Re: Demachy and red chalk


Red Conté ?????


On 22-May-09, at 4:45 PM, Henry Rattle wrote:

Recent discussion of Michallet paper prompted me to get a facsimile
copy of Maskell and Demachy’s “Photo-Aquatint” paper. They
recommend a number of pigments for gum printing, Most of the
colours/pigments they mention are familiar, but second on their
list of the most suitable, after venetian red, comes red chalk. I
looked this up on the Web, but only found such things as red chalk
drawings by (e.g.) da Vinci.

Does anyone know anything about red chalk? Hilary Page doesn’t seem
to mention it in her lists of proprietary watercolours, nor is it
in Cornelissen’s catalogue of pigments.


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