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Congratulations on succeeding in what you set out to do and setting an inspiring precedent!

Wrinkles are something that I have had some experience with, both with different vellums and more recently with Masa. 

I usually mount Masa on an acetate support. Despite this, unsightly wrinkles do form due to air that sometimes gets trapped between the Masa and the support,  making registration impossible.  

Wrinkles iron out easily if you clip the wet print and allow it to dry on a thick ~4" (or wider) diameter cardboard tubing (fabric or industrial plastics stores discard them ) cut to the length you need and around which a heavy plastic sheet secured with duck tape is wrapped. I hope this works when you do not want a wrinkled print.


On 24-May-09, at 1:25 PM, Marek Matusz wrote:

Finally after being inspired by Dan Burkholher's show I gothered all the supplies and made my first palladium/platinum prints on vellum with silver and gold leaf. This is one of my favorite prints that I printed many times in gum, so I include two versions of gum prints. The vellum that I am using now is very translucent, but it crinckles and creases so easlily. I am learning how to deal with it. It did not really like being ironed while wet. You can see creases that are a result of that. On the other hand I am enjoying the wrinkles and hande-made feeling of the prints.
My scanner broke down so these are photographs of the prints taken outside with the sun positioned to acccent the vellum surface.
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