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Re: Palladium on vellum

The prints are lovely, Marek. Congratulations and thanks for showing
them. In my attempt to visualize the originals, however, I really really
wanted to know the size... and couldn't find it anywhere. I figure odds
are good that's somewhere in there that I missed, but will you kindly help
out the web-impaired ?

Meanwhile, again thanks & congratulations.


On Sun, 24 May 2009, Marek Matusz wrote:

Finally after being inspired by Dan Burkholher's show I gothered all the
supplies and made my first palladium/platinum prints on vellum with
silver and gold leaf. This is one of my favorite prints that I printed
many times in gum, so I include two versions of gum prints. The vellum
that I am using now is very translucent, but it crinckles and creases so
easlily. I am learning how to deal with it. It did not really like being
ironed while wet. You can see creases that are a result of that. On the
other hand I am enjoying the wrinkles and hande-made feeling of the

My scanner broke down so these are photographs of the prints taken outside with the sun positioned to acccent the vellum surface.



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