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Re: Satista (was: argentotype again)

Liked the glycerin method -> may try that later again. (Low possibility:
since I'm more interested in pigment processes right now, and I feel like
I'll remain that way for a pretty long time!) I tried Marek's variation
before, it worked OK but I didn't liked much using easily spilled very
liquid silver nitrate developer due fear of contamination / labor involved
in cleaning up and such. Glycerin can be much easier to control/handle

Thanks for mentioning.


25 Mayıs 2009, Pazartesi, 9:46 am tarihinde, Alberto Novo yazmış:
> ...
> Your recipe (development in 4% silver nitrate) is what Dick Sullivan
> suggested I believe in 2000 (see a date in his article), calling it
> "satista+": http://www.bostick-sullivan.com/articles/satista.html