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Re: Masa in sulfuric acid

BTW, I checked the surface of other water processed prints on Masa and now
I'm sure that the texture change is due to acid treatment. The sulfuric
acid processed Masa have considerable micro-texture (I'm talking about the
- normally - smooth/shiny front side) and is completely matte when
compared to the still very smooth and shiny surface of water processed
Masa. Will process a larger piece in sulfuric acid and try to print gum on
it later (after sizing, of course); could be that the increased tooth will
give better results...

Albeit I don't see a reason why one would bother / take the trouble of
doing that (Masa dries fast, yes, but OTOH processing in acid +
neutralizing + rinsing takes time, eliminating the fast-drying advantage
unless processing is done in batches...) will (/may) try that just out of


25 Mayıs 2009, Pazartesi, 11:00 pm tarihinde, Loris Medici yazmış:
> ...
> The surface is different. (More textured - due water
> processing or acid processing or both I'm not sure.)
> ...