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RE: Repairing Nuarc UV 26-1KS vacuum (new question)

Hi Dan - 
I had an issue with the vacuum in my NuArc too. I took apart the top area
(pretty straightforward) and found that the tubes had basically corroded. I
simply wrapped them with electrical tape (probably not the ideal fix but it
worked). This also gave me the opportunity to clean the glass under the bulb
(it really needed it). You can test if this helps by just putting your
finger on the hole and seeing if there is any suction.
I added insulating foam (like you might use around a window) beneath the
rubber gasket under the glass. I also played with the connectors that hold
down the glass to get the best seal. And, this is kind of weird but again -
it works: I push down on the sides of the glass a couple of times after
starting the vacuum and it helps it to engage.
Good luck!

Cathy Cakebread
(650) 610-9130

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Subject: Repairing Nuarc UV 26-1KS vacuum (new question)

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the vacuum frame's pump
system on my Nuarc repaired in Phoenix?  I haven't found any place that
explicity does Nuarc repair in Phoenix (yet).

(Can it be done without the phrase, "drive it to Los Angeles"?)

Or should I just tear into it myself?  It can't be that difficult to
overhaul the vacuum tubing, but if I find the pump needs a new diaphram
(or something), how do I get the parts?

    - Dan