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Re: Repairing Nuarc UV 26-1KS vacuum (new question)

Hello Dan,
You might also look into getting a product called Varn Swell.  Basically, the pump may not be the only issue.  Sometime during the life of your Nuarc (especially in Arizona), the rubber lining around & under the edge of the glass plate will lose its seal.  Varn Swell will expand the rubber lining.
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From: "dan@haygoods.org" <dan@haygoods.org>
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Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2009 8:52:39 AM
Subject: Repairing Nuarc UV 26-1KS vacuum (new question)

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the vacuum frame's pump
system on my Nuarc repaired in Phoenix?  I haven't found any place that
explicity does Nuarc repair in Phoenix (yet).

(Can it be done without the phrase, "drive it to Los Angeles"?)

Or should I just tear into it myself?  It can't be that difficult to
overhaul the vacuum tubing, but if I find the pump needs a new diaphram
(or something), how do I get the parts?

    - Dan