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thanks for reacting, I think it's very usefull. I understand that some people have problems whith scale and screen. I will talk it over with my webdesigner.
And Henk, nice to meet you. I think there is a little misunderstanding.Yes you can make larger negatives but you can't put them in an enlarger. When you want to enlarge your paper negative you must produce a new one. Maybe i have to change my text to make it more clear.
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From: henk thijs
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: website

Hi Francie,
Nice to see your work, for the (brom)oil i think we are very few in the netherlands, just one thing:
in your info you mention that bromoil -using an enlarger- allows larger prints compared to oilprinting due to the fact that oilprinting is a contactprocedee.
This is not true , at least for me, i do not see any relation in a difference in dimensions.
You could even use your bromoil-photo-paper  for a papernegative to make an oilprint.
Maybe i missed your point, or??

On 23 jun 2009, at 20:55, Francie van der Wielen wrote:

I want to show you my new website: www.francievdwielen.nl.  Feel free to react.

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