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I have my browser sized to adequately display the majority of sites I visit regularly, yet not take over the whole desktop. When I feel the need to see more I can maximize the window with a simple mouse-click on the maximize button. Again I can return to my default size with just one mouse-click. Auto-resizing scripts like the one here don't mimic the maximize button, they change the default size so now when I leave the site and wish to return to my preferred size I must grab the corner and resize by dragging, then I must again move the window to an appropriate part of the screen. Then if I accidentally hit the 'Back' button I have to go through the whole process again. This is like a radio station having control over my radio's volume knob. I am an adult, I can make up my own mind how loud I need it. If I like the tune I can and will turn it up. Assuming you can make such decisions for me is pushy and rude.

eric nelson wrote:
Scaling the browser window is neither pushy or rude. When I go to view a photo site, my browser is as large as possible to hopefully accommodate nice large images that I can see. Usually that hope is dashed even though we're in an era of near universal broadband and 19+" monitors being pretty much the norm. So if my window is set too small and a site scales my window to accommodate it's larger images and for proper viewing, that's fine by me.

The images on this site are not all that big though. I can see them perfectly well with my default browser size.

In Firefox the window scales and in Safari it doesn't.

That is because the script is poorly written and uses Firefox-specific coding which doesn't work in other browsers.

Thanks for sharing.

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 7:41 AM, Francie van der Wielen <mail@francievdwielen.nl <mailto:mail@francievdwielen.nl>> wrote:

thanks for reacting, I think it's very usefull. I understand that
some people have problems whith scale and screen. I will talk it
over with my webdesigner.


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