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Re: slightly off-topic...or not (re cameras)

I've had the Olympus 8080 and when 'grabbing' a RAW file it takes 15 seconds to record it.
It's 8 mpxls but one h*** of a camera. I just blew up to 4x5 feet an image made inside a
Tibetan temple . . . . pretty doggoned good. RAW is the key for me but I'm no gummist.
The Olympus creates as good, if not better (hard to judge) an image as the Canon G9
w/12 mpxls. It's the size of the chip, not the mpxls. And, heck, depending on what sort of
an artist you are, size doesn't matter. I've also made a blow-up from a single video frame.
Depends upon what you are after and often Photoshop can do little things that obscure
glitches when scaling.
Jack F