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RE: Masking contact prints

That's because you're using robust paper I presume. Thin vellum or
vellum-like papers and/or papers with little or no surface size will be
definitely abraded with the tape I use (especially on the teared edges /
corners where the paper was already abraded), even if I lower the tackiness
as you describe. (If I overdo it it will cause emulsion to seep under.)


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I use this method as well, but make sure you stick the tape on your jeans or
t-shirt several times to make it even more low tack. I've never had a piece
of tape pull up the fibers on paper...


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> Hi Liam, this is the "practical" way I prefer too, exclusively. But if I
> wasn't too lazy I would definitely use a negative mask, because coated but
> unexposed paper is a very good indicator (actually the only one!) of
> complete clearing. When you mask while coating, you don't have a safety 
> edge
> to observe complete clearing... And, even the lowest low-tack masking tape
> (that really works for the purpose!) will somewhat abrade delicate/thin
> papers.
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> Loris.