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Re: BEWARE, PLUG--upcoming alt lectures and gum workshop

You shameless alt photo hussy you!

Mark Nelson

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On Jul 13, 2009, at 11:27 AM, "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net > wrote:

Dear All,

Shameless plugs--delete if you don't want to read, but a couple are free free free!!

When I travel to other cities I love meeting you all. It's not like people come to Bozeman often...It's not like visiting Judy in NYC.

I will be giving a lecture open to the public at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego July 30 (MOPA). I have no idea the time--call MOPA to find out. The lecture won't be a dry artist talk but practical rubber-meets-the-road stuff (with my work as illustration) like the creative process; how process influences meaning; how I derive inspiration; how I create bodies of work; etc. etc. The next 2 days will be a platinum workshop at Grossmont College, but I'm not sure if there are spots open still.

Another free lecture and reception will be on the opposite side of the country at my show opening Matter of Spirit, Sept. 10 at Carson Newman College, Jefferson TN. If you want to see chromoskedasics, mordancages, and gums (mostly gum) in person there will be a plethora (53). The work will be hanging the month of September.

Also, I am surprised that in these anxious financial times that the Photographer's Formulary gum workshop is actually a go. Maybe when money gets tight and people lose jobs they have time for creative outlets?? There is still a spot or two open in case you want to spend a week there gumming it up, August 9-14. photoformulary.com. I just love that place, out in the middle of buck nowhere so there is nothing to do but work and chat and eat Lynn's wonderful home cooking and then work and chat some more (bring comfortable pants to accomodate the extra 5 lb you'll put on). I think I have even talked my hubby into bringing the fishing boat up there to take us out on the lake an hour away. Don't get any ideas about fishing-- just photographing. He'll nicely put up with the "shop talk"...(but he sure is questioning why my "relaxing summer off" is not turning out that way...)

That's all!

Christina Z. Anderson