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RE: BEWARE, PLUG--upcoming alt lectures and gum workshop

Darn, Mark, now I REALLY want to meet her!!!

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You shameless alt photo hussy you!

Mark Nelson

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> Dear All,
> Shameless plugs--delete if you don't want to read, but a couple are  
> free free free!!
> When I travel to other cities I love meeting you all. It's not like  
> people come to Bozeman often...It's not like visiting Judy in NYC.
> I will be giving a lecture open to the public at the Museum of  
> Photographic Arts in San Diego July 30 (MOPA).  I have no idea the  
> time--call MOPA to find out.  The lecture won't be a dry artist talk  
> but practical rubber-meets-the-road stuff (with my work as  
> illustration) like the creative process; how process influences  
> meaning; how I derive inspiration; how I create bodies of work; etc.  
> etc. The next 2 days will be a platinum workshop at Grossmont  
> College, but I'm not sure if there are spots open still.
> Another free lecture and reception will be on the opposite side of  
> the country at my show opening Matter of Spirit, Sept. 10 at Carson  
> Newman College, Jefferson TN. If you want to see chromoskedasics,  
> mordancages, and gums (mostly gum) in person there will be a  
> plethora (53). The work will be hanging the month of September.
> Also, I am surprised that in these anxious financial times that the  
> Photographer's Formulary gum workshop is actually a go. Maybe when  
> money gets tight and people lose jobs they have time for creative  
> outlets??  There is still a spot or two open in case you want to  
> spend a week there gumming it up, August 9-14. photoformulary.com.   
> I just love that place, out in the middle of buck nowhere so there  
> is nothing to do but work and chat and eat Lynn's wonderful home  
> cooking and then work and chat some more (bring comfortable pants to  
> accomodate the extra 5 lb you'll put on).  I think I have even  
> talked my hubby into bringing the fishing boat up there to take us  
> out on the lake an hour away.  Don't get any ideas about fishing-- 
> just photographing.  He'll nicely put up with the "shop talk"...(but  
> he sure is questioning why my "relaxing summer off" is not turning  
> out that way...)
> That's all!
> Chris
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> Christina Z. Anderson
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