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Dear All again,
If I were to take a group of students to Italy next fall, Villa Pieve in Corciano, halfway between Rome and Florence, is there an alt community/persons anywhere nearby? (I am having, amidst all these other changes at the university, to make a decision on whether to take the plunge of a semester in Italy with my students, or roll over the whole overseas program (ours is in the fall) to the art dept. (theirs is in the spring) and have them take my students in the spring. Or connect with one in Siena that is just getting started.)

If I went, I would like it to be alt/experimental based and connect with those in the area who are interested in such.

Alberto Novo, you are in Venice...I think that is fairly far away though we do go there on the month of travel pre-villa.

Is alt well and alive in Italy and anywhere near Corciano??

I live in Montana where distance is no object--the state is 800 miles across and driving 300 miles is no biggie, so I think I have a very skewed sense of distance.

Christina Z. Anderson

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