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Re: Italy

Hello Christina.

Can I suggest this group to contact in Italy: Gruppo Rodolpho Namias. Their website is: http://www.grupponamias.com/. They are a group dedicate exclusively to alternative photo processes with members throughout Italy and in other parts of the world. Although I haven't contacted them personally, I'm confident they will be happy to be of assistance.

Since I am new to this list I will describe my background very briefly. I got started in photography in 1967 when I edited the high school paper. We were at the deadline for the second issue and our photographer was sick so I developed the negs and did the printing while getting instructions over the phone. I went on to a job as a lab tech and was assigned the task of producing photos for illustrations for publication in scientific journals. My next job was as a medical photographer and from there I went on to run the visual communications lab at a school of architecture where we did photography (large and small format), printmaking (silkscreen, intaglio etc.), film (documentary& animated) and whatever the academic staff decided would be a good idea at the time. I got to dabble in some alt processes during that time, notably carbon an palladium which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I've been away from any photographic work for many years now, but I've decided to get back into it through alternative processes.

Incidentally, I was born in Italy (I now live in Toronto, Canada) but don't get to visit nearly as often as I like so I'm more than a little envious of your situation, leading a class in whatever discipline in Italy and getting payed for it - have a great time. Oh, I'd recommend the fall. The best of in season for food and wine making season just starting - it doesn't get better than that.

Dan Corsillo

Jean Daubas wrote:
Hi Christina !
Happy to know that you're planning to come to Europe (unfortunately not in France — I would have been so happy to meet you!) and if I may help you to organize your trip, i'll be really glad.
So, maybe, I've a contact which could interest you :
ACSAF – Associazione Contemporanea Stampa d’Arte Fotografica — is based in Florence and this group is really interested in historical processes, pinhole photography, etc.
I have not met them directly but last July, I had some pictures shown there as part of an international pinhole photography exhibition called "Senza lenti" curated by Italian pinholist and friend Paolo Aldi.
their web-site is there :
and they speak a little about alt processes and other historical approaches of contemporary photography.
I believe the association is managed by Cesare Bossi.
I'm sure it would be interesting for you to contact this group and to discuss with them the way you could meet them or work with them when you 're there (as they are in Florence, it could be easy to organize something with them). And even if they are not directly responding to you search, I'm sure they will be very happy and efficient to help you meet some Italian artists and/or have access to darkroom facilities, etc...
On my side, I'm going to contact Paolo Aldi in Revereto (North Italy) and ask him for useful contacts for you (I know he is very involved with contemporary Italian photographers, artists, poets, etc.). I'll let you know if he may help you in any manner.
Hoping you can get something out of these info,
alternative cheers from France,
Jean Daubas, auteur-photographe
16 rue de Bourg-Sec
+33 (0)6 81 53 12 89

*From:* Christina Z. Anderson <mailto:zphoto@montana.net>
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*Subject:* Italy

Dear All again,
If I were to take a group of students to Italy next fall, Villa
Pieve in
Corciano, halfway between Rome and Florence, is there an alt
community/persons anywhere nearby? (I am having, amidst all these
changes at the university, to make a decision on whether to take
the plunge
of a semester in Italy with my students, or roll over the whole
program (ours is in the fall) to the art dept. (theirs is in the
spring) and
have them take my students in the spring. Or connect with one in
Siena that
is just getting started.)

If I went, I would like it to be alt/experimental based and
connect with
those in the area who are interested in such.

Alberto Novo, you are in Venice...I think that is fairly far away
though we
do go there on the month of travel pre-villa.

Is alt well and alive in Italy and anywhere near Corciano??

I live in Montana where distance is no object--the state is 800
miles across
and driving 300 miles is no biggie, so I think I have a very
skewed sense of

Christina Z. Anderson

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