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I use 3% fixer now and make 5L at a time.
The prints are 33X48 cm image size.
I use the fixer for 5 prints.
The prints do bleach a little but they darken so much when dried and oxidized that over compensate the bleaching.
After drying, i wait 24hrs to put them in the plastic sleeve.

On 30/09/2009, at 11:14, Loris Medici wrote:

You actually need to change both clearing baths and first rinse water to get
rid of all unreacted silver and iron salts, no?

BTW, I reuse fixer unlike Sam because I mix it in 1000ml batches (weighting
20g is easier, especially so with kitchen measuring spoons as I do). That's
almost 8-9x the volume what Sam uses per print. So, if you use little fixer
like Sam does it's indeed a good advice to use fresh for each print.

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I "develop" in plain water for 5 minutes and fix.
I don't change the water during development. Should I?

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