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Re: haunted VDB

Sorry Don, but my personal view (which may not be absolutely correct
for some, but I have to supply my own view not others', no?) on this
issue is that KRST toning of Vandke prints is a simple waste of time.
I mean what do you expect when the usual working dilution of toner is
1+19 (or 1+9) and the "recommended" dilutions for Vandyke toning range
between 20 to 50 times the usual, really? Sounds more like self
deception to me. (Or maybe some like the yellowish brown they get
doing so - can't comment..) And I'm not telling it can't be done BTW,
I say it's not a good idea.

About precious metal toning: Well, one should do so methinks actually,
"if they value longevity that is", nothing more implied... What I
suggested is to buy KAuCl4 from a gold plater (or gold plating
supplier); in my area a gram of this compound will cost something like
USD 17 (with the current inflated gold prices that is, it was more
like 70% of that figure a couple of years ago) and one can mix 2000ml
toner with that amount. Enough for plenty prints - even if used one
shot! The actual toning cost per print is a really unimportant
fraction of the price for the paper they're going to use. What's the
point of wasting expensive paper (and time + labor; making Vandykes is
not an easy and cheap job actually, when you think of the time and
resources one has to devote) with a process which is notorious for (or
prone to) fading - due to adverse environmental/storage conditions
and/or improper processing?


2009/10/1 Don Bryant <donsbryant@gmail.com>:
> Loris,
> Joao, Selenium toning is not a good idea (because of ammonium thiosulfate it
> contains),
> There you go again!
> VDBs can be selenium toned if done carefully!
> There can be some bleach back but that is adjusted for in printing.
> I will also suggest that precious metal toning isn't necessary, though the
> prints won't be as archival. I think new users can get put off from trying
> VDB when it sounds like they need to purchase gold and palladium salts.
> Don Bryant